God is here for us in our darkest days and our brightest ones. Are you are searching to be healed? Are you seeking a deeper relationship with our Lord? Are you seeking to improve the quality of your life? Deliverance Ministry is here to serve, heal and help you now.




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God has sent messengers down to Earth to spread his word and gospel, and we can find them in the Church. But there are times in your life that you need even more. There are dark times where you may feel depressed, hurt or even emotionally or psychologically ill. This is not your fault, and you can be healed and bettered through deliverance. Deliverance will give you freedom. This is why Deliverance Ministry exists: we are here to heal and help you improve the condition of your life and deepen your connection with our Lord.


From Skye all the way to Bristol, all over the United Kingdom 

Deliverance Ministry UK is a personalized and private place that is here to deliver you the spiritual freedom you deserve. You deserve to live a happy life free of demons and fears. God’s love and deliverance healing will give you liberation. We have been in the service of the Lord for over 20 years under the ministry of our Pastor, Dr. Vincent Bauhaus. Doctor Bauhaus has healed over 15,000 victims just like you of their traumas, spiritual issues and has helped them find the freedom they deserve through God’s deliverance healing.

If you believe that you need deliverance ministry then call now to make your appointment with our Ministry Office at 888-202-9516.

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Everyone deserves the happiness that comes with a close relationship to our Lord. Unfortunately, there are Earthly conditions that prevent us from the happiness and freedom that we deserve. This does not mean you must stay in your current condition. God is always here for you.

God’s command is to “set captives free”. (Luke 4:18)

Our ministry has been the path to healing for over 15,000 people in suffering and pain from depression, abuse, pain, ADD (attention deficit disorder), ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), schizophrenia, rape, emotional disorders, emotional abuse, physical abuse victims, MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder, DID (Dissociate Identity Disorder) and many other spiritual traumas that affect us.

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